When functionality alone is not enough, the style and beauty of a finely crafted forged knife is without equal.  The knives offered by Messermeister are handsome enough to be the showcase of any kitchen.  Messermeister ‘s fully forged knives are made from a single piece of steel.  These knives are unique in that they are “bolsterless”, compared to the traditional forged knife, allowing for easy re-sharpening.  Their forged knives are tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 57 and ice hardened for increased strength. The knives contain a hand polished and sharpened edge, a beveled heel to increase comfort, and extra wide chef‘s blade. These are the sharpest forged knives available today and are hand finished.  Messermeister also produces a line of stamped knives built with the same quality.  Messermeister  knives are made in Solingen, Germany.  These knives are the standard by which I judge all other knives.
R.H. Forschner:
If getting the job done well is all that’s important to you, then look no further then the stamped knives offered by Forschner.  By far, these knives are the best value for the dollar, and are used in as many professional kitchens as they are in homes.  Forschner knives are well balanced, comfortable with excellent edge retention.  As the name implies these knives are stamped out of a sheet of steel.  The blade is hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 55-56, tempered, taper ground with a beveled edge, polished, etched, and finished.  Forschner knives are available with either Rosewood or Fibrox (Semi-soft Plastic) handles.  The knives of Forschner are Swiss made, by Victorinox. The same company that manufactures Swiss Army Knives.
In spite of what various salesmen or manufacturers might tell you, there is no “best“ knife.  While it’s true that there are no limits as to how expensive a knife can be manufactured, the end product must still follow the real world laws of physics.  Most kitchen knives made by reputable manufacturers are equally functional. The quality of a knife is defined by how well is keeps an edge and its overall construction. 

Each knife is inspected before it leave our shop, using a five stage process, looking at shape, sharpness, balance, construction and fit.
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If price is a major concer, but you still would like a professional grade knife, Mercer Cutlery offers a very affordable and well constructed product. Manufactured in Tiawan, they offer two lines that we recommend.  The Millennia Series is their most economical line. It has a blade stamped from Japanese Stainless Steel and is finished with a soft plastic Santoprene & Polypropylene handle.  The Renaissance Series has a forged one-piece blade, made from German Stainless Steel and finished with a triple riveted hard plastic Delrin handle. The forged knives of the Renaissance line are thinner and lighter, compared to the Messermeister line above, giving you the advantage of a forged blade with the weight of a stamped knife.  The blades are heat treated, forged or stamped, annealed, ground and polished by computer, cleaned, assembed, sharpened and finished by a secondary hand sharpening. They are hardened to a Rockwell Hardness of 53 & 56.