Sharpening Steels
Sharpening Steels are used for routine maintenance, to maintain a knifesí edge.
A steel is not a sharpening device, the purpose of a steel is to realign the bladesí edge, a term called truing.  The job of a steel is to push the blades edge back into alignment.
Diamond Steels
Diamond Steels have diamond dust embedded into the steel.  As a result the steel functions as a sharpener and trueing device, removing metal. Use with caution: Diamond Steels are abrasive and can remove large amounts of metal in a very short time.
Sharpening Devices

Sharpening Devices are used to remove metal, in-order to create a new edge.
(Diamond Sharpening Steels can be placed in this catagory.) 
Ceramic Sharpener
Ceramic two stage sharpener
The Firestone knife sharpener uses duel ceramic wheels set at specific angles to re-sharpen your knivesí edge.  There are two sets of wheels, coarse and fine. Water should be used as a lubricant.
Sharpening Stones

Freehand stone sharpening devices. 
Wood Handle
Plastic Handle
The Chantry is a pull through sharpening steel
It is a portable table top unit, compared to a steel which is held freehand.
Sharpening Tools
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