Knife Roll: 1066-8/B
When only a few knives are needed, I use an 8 pocket knife roll. It takes up only a small amount of space and is just big enough for 4-6  knives and a variety of utensils.
Knife rolls do have there limitations.  Knives are stored blade-up, knife sheaths are strongly recommended. The size of the pockets will determine which knives will fit.
This roll has some nice features.  It has a zipper that encases and secures the knives, and an extra zippered pocket for misc. small tools.
Forschner Knives:
Rosewood Handle: 40020 or 40021
I like the Forschner Rosewood Handled Chef knifes with both the 8” and 10” blades. They are light weight and sharp. The blade is thin enough to glide right through food products. I use this knife specifically for preparing fruits and vegetables for salads.
Messermeister Knives:
San Moritz Elite:  2000 Series
For all around cutting, slicing, & dicing I just love the Messermeister, San Moritz Elite line of knives. The handle is just thick enough to cradle in my hand.  They not only use traditional sharpening techniques but also hand sharpen and polish the blades edge to create the sharpest knives on the market today. The blade is wider then a traditional knife creating a nicely balanced chopping motion.
Messermeister Asian Percision:
Usuba Knife:  DN-1002
I only recently started to use the Messermeister, Usuba - vegetable knife.  This knife is a small Asian style cleaver. The blade is thin and sharp and has a great feel. It easily slices meats & vegetables very thin, providing quick cooking. This knife is very similar to a standard chef’s knife but with a twist.
Yarn Dyed Baggies
For a more sphisticated look these pants are my choice. They are light weight 6.5 oz and are made from a suit like, free flowing 65/35 poly-cotton material. Features include: 2" elastic waistband with drawstring, zipper fly, 2 side and 1 back pocket, and tapper leg.  These pants are not overly baggy.  An easiy way to dress up your look. My personal favorite color and look is the Classic Broken Twill.
602 . 896 . 4366
Evolution - 3 Compartment Soft Case
 20" x 9" x 4" (Approximate Size)
The Evolution series of knife cases has changed my view of compact cases. This small package holds a lot of knives and accessories while maintaining its small footprint, making it ideal for both large and small jobs. This one case can replace both a small knife roll and a large attache case.  The Evolution is divided into 3 zippered compartments. 2 compartments hold a total of 18 knives. The 3rd outer compartment contains 3 large zippered pockets for accessories. Strap included.
Knives are stored with the handles in the pocket and the blades exposed. Solid plastic Knife sheaths are recommended.
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